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  • What is Eternity Rose?
    Eternity Roses are preserved flowers that was freshly harvested at their ideal time and have undergone a preservation process to enhance its natural beauty and freshness. The beauty of our Eternity Roses creates a serene and calming centrepiece for your home or cooperate office. With more than 50 different shades of colors to choose from, Eternity Roses are ideally able to match your special occasion or theme.
  • Benefit of Eternity Roses over fresh roses?
    - Longer Shelf Life: Our Eternity Roses can maintain it's freshness up to 12 months under normal circumstances. However, with proper storage and environmental conditions, Eternity Roses can last up to years. As a comparison, fresh roses typically last 1 week or shorter. - Reduced Waste and Cost: Longer shelf life reduces the need to constantly buy fresh roses. For a hotel front desk, you would need to replace the wilted roses with new arrangements 52 times a year. - Product Versatility: We can provide the colour of the Eternity Roses to match the occasion or colour theme. - Time Factor: Our Eternity Roses floral arrangement are not constrained by time pressure. Arrangements can be done ahead of time and still look fresh on the first day of display.
  • How to care for our Eternity Roses?
    There is very little care involved in ensuring your Eternity Roses lasts as long as possible. Remember that your boxed arrangements are very delicate, so always handle it with care. Caring for your arrangement is simple: - Do not water the roses. - Avoid exposing Eternity Roses to prolonged direct sunlight. - Display in a controlled room-temperature environment. - Gentle cleaning by removing the dust with a feather duster as needed.
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