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Our floral designs started in 12th. December 2012 as a passionate hobby which quickly turned into a business. Hana 花 (pronounced similarly to that of a girl's name HAH-nah) is borrowed from the beautiful Japanese word for flower or blooming.


In those early days, we used to import fresh, high quality flowers suitable for all occasions when designing our arrangements whilst adapting the imported flowers to suit our temperate climate. Soon after, we decided to introduce Eternity Rose to differentiate ourselves and be more uniquely focused compared to that of other florist. We subsequently decided to create a niche by focusing on Eternity Roses and flower boxes to ensure quality of delivery and focus on our end products. However, due to a strong demand from our customers, customised flower bouquets using freshly imported flowers was added to our repertoire of products.

All arrangements are created uniquely with every single arrangement designed based on the theme selected. Carefully curated items are thought out and selected with care to ensure consistent quality of delivery to our clients.

Our satisfaction is when we deliver a satisfied customer service. Seeing the happy faces of people when they receive our flowers brings us the biggest thrill. Even though we are a simple florist, our goal is to deliver happiness and joy to others!

Brighten up your day and the day of your loved ones is now easy with just a few simple clicks away.

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